UPDATED COVER = The Siren’s Sea [v3]: Redemption

Woot-woot! My graphic designer did it again šŸ™‚ I'm so pleased with the new cover for the final installment of The Siren's Sea Trilogy!!! I did a mock cover myself in order to get the ebook up and available for the readers, but now that life has settled down a bit, my guy was able... Continue Reading →

The Siren’s Song : Verse 6

So thrilled to have my first trilogy under my belt ANDĀ The Siren's SongĀ to go along with it!!! It took me three books to get here, but I finally worked out a song that melded well with the story line. Hopefully you'll enjoy it! You can see the full version in The Siren's Sea [v3]: Reawakening... Continue Reading →

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