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Clare Angelica was born in the New Mexican High-Country, but honed her writing skills in the shadows of Colorado’s mighty San Juans. It was high up in the Rocky Mountains, where the adventure is equally boundless and the beauty is far less lonesome, that Clare began developing her first novel of intricate, mystical, and sea-faring people.

When Clare isn’t out and about conjuring up inspiration from the lovable and nefarious characters in her own life, she is at home drawing from her imagination to bring the places, people, and stories to life.

Clare has been writing, drawing, and creating worlds that far out reach our own for as long as she can remember. In her observations of the world around her, Clare takes note of life’s little instances as they unfold before her and adds pure artistic liberty to create her own stories of love, loss, intrigue, betrayal, and redemption.

The saying holds true, “Be careful what you say or do to a writer for such actions will be immortalized within the written page for all the world to see.” However, Clare must thank all the special people for all the material they have given her thus far!

The Siren’s Sea: Revenge is Clare’s premiere novel delving into the depths of her fascination with a time long past and the pirating people who made it all worth while.

Enjoy the adventure!

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