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Be a Lighter Version of You

We are all defined and filed into boxes of who we think we "are". BUT, did you know that that's not really who you are? Your perception of yourself and how YOU think you should behave accordingly are what determines what you are projecting out into the world --- and it is because of that... Continue Reading →

Fall in Love

Love is exciting, daring, challenging, easy, trying, unconditional, limitless, uplifting, redeeming, filled with compromise and new things, scary, freeing, relentless, finds you when you least expect it, and worth it. Love is seeing someone's flaws, accepting them, and still choosing to love them. Love is allowing someone to see your flaws and knowing that it... Continue Reading →

Somewhere in the Middle Lies the Truth

THIS is what good fiction is made of right here! Some things start as a lie. Some things morph into a lie. Some things were never a lie at all. BUT, the bottom line is it is usually (almost always) more complicated than that. Relationships aren't simple --- no matter what the dynamic, circumstances, priorities,... Continue Reading →

Expansion Time!

I'm taking the plunge ... and I think I'll find it quite refreshing... BUT, I need your help! As I have been going through the process of setting up my Patreon Page I am running into a conundrum... What to offer Patrons for their pledges!? So, I'm taking the question to you... What would you like to... Continue Reading →

It’s a Reaction You CAN Transform into a Choice

Yes, we all have "problems" ... but did you know that you can find a solution to them and MOVE ON!? ... I do 🙂 Don't give the 10-cent problem the 100-dollar reaction. When problems arise we feel them within our bodies as stress, or angst, or dis-ease, or tension, or (etc) ... They invade... Continue Reading →

The Story’s Not Over

I coined this from the original quote: You Can. End of Story. But, I obviously changed the "end"ing. "You Can" is the beginning of your story, not the end of it. "You Can" means that exactly, you can.  You can do anything you set your mind too and the moment you decide you CAN do something is the... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Diagnosis, Dr?

In this era of smartphones, tablets, laptops, social media, the daily evolution of our technology ... and, of course, Google ... we all have our own Rx pad for seeking out what we "think" ails us and writing a script. What's your diagnosis? You have the choice to live, be, and create any life you... Continue Reading →

Did You Know: It Really Doesn’t Matter

Did you know that it really doesn't matter what you do as long as you "do" something? Did you know that starting out on the wrong course can actually bring you to the right one? It doesn't matter what you start, YOU STARTED! And that, my friends, is the first step in getting the energy... Continue Reading →

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