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Revenge : Book Excerpt 1

Here's an excerpt that a friend of mine loved and I thought I'd share his discovery with you šŸ™‚ Enjoy! Read more about The Siren's Sea Trilogy. The Siren's Sea [v1]: RevengeĀ is the first full-length novel I have EVER written. All my life I have been a "story teller" and this story idea came to... Continue Reading →

The Siren’s Song : Verse 6

So thrilled to have my first trilogy under my belt ANDĀ The Siren's SongĀ to go along with it!!! It took me three books to get here, but I finally worked out a song that melded well with the story line. Hopefully you'll enjoy it! You can see the full version in The Siren's Sea [v3]: Reawakening... Continue Reading →

Through Their Eyes

Whoa! Are our animals an outward expression of ourselves? Well, if they are... I am a loner I just want love and affection I have my one special person & I am content I trust the people who matter When you raise your voice at me I get sad I get excited to go on... Continue Reading →

If You Can Dream It…

Anything is possible ... but it still has to make sense! šŸ™‚ Fiction can be crazy, challenging, outlandish, time-jumping, imaginative, unreal, dark, threatening, passionate, thrilling, push boundaries, ask questions, explore, redeem, defile, decimate, be everything you want your life to be and more, BUT the writer still has to tie it all together and portray... Continue Reading →

Write What YOU Want

I recently had a friend ask me, "If you could live in a book (forever) what book would it be?" Honestly, I was stumped. I am an avid reader and there are so many things I like about so many books that it is hard to choose. BUT, (after deep contemplation) I said, "The Siren's... Continue Reading →

Let’s Get Strange

I love this quote by Mr Ben Platt! Now, as of writing this article, this guy is twenty-three years old, wow! He can dance, he can sing, he can act, and he's debuting on Broadway - major kudos, dude. I think it's safe to say that he's found himself (for the most part, we'll give... Continue Reading →

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