The Siren’s Sea Trilogy


The Siren’s Sea [v1]: Revenge ~     Paperback     eBook


A tale that far surpasses time is the story of Sirens…a tale of immortality, ethereal grace, and a desire for vengeance that will not subside.

Sirens are rumored to be women of incomparable beauty, unprecedented strength, and undeniable cruelty that lurk in the veil of the ocean’s wave. Drown in the waters of three intoxicating and mystical women as they battle upon the ever-changing sea….

Dorian is the mysterious captain of The Lady, Rahn is the exotic beauty with a secret to hide, and Rowan is the wallflower who leads the crew on a venture of no return.

Pity the three poor souls who have been taken captive beneath The Lady’s colors. However, even in the midst of punishment, these three men cannot resist the temptation of their intricate and seductive captors.

For truly, how can anyone resist the Siren’s Song?

The Siren’s Sea [v2]: Redemption ~     Paperback     eBook 


Redemption is not easily found, given, or restored.

Dorian, Rowan, and Rahn embark upon their next journey with black clouds haunting their horizon.

The Sirens of the Sea have discovered that two queens within their realm have long been imprisoned and now it is their task to release them if they ever want to break the curse upon them all. The mission is daunting, but it must be done.

The men who cherish them, Sebastian, Christian, and Victor, find that loving these three women might just cost them their lives. Sebastian finds himself in a tight spot without hope of rescue from the torture he must endure, but the vision of Rowan’s face always gives him strength. Christian and Rahn’s family is growing and he is prepared to protect them no matter the cost. He knows his test is coming. Victor has only ever loved one woman and the closer he gets to Dorian the more he fears he is going to lose her.

The captain has a plan, but Dorian is not sharing until it is time for each to play their part.

The battle is coming. Death is certain. Rebirth is inevitable.

Balance must be restored.

*** Coming Soon from The Siren’s Sea Trilogy… ***

The Siren’s Sea [v3]: Reawakening

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