HELLO 2018!

HELLO 2018!

WIFMCO Screenplay Contest 2018

Wow! What an exciting start to the New Year.

On December 31st I found out about a late submission deadline for Women in Colorado. It involves a screenplay competition with a women-centric story line written by a woman living in Coloroado = THAT’S ME!

The late deadline was January 31st. So, guess what I did? I began writing my first screenplay by adapting The Siren’s Sea [v1]: Revenge 🙂

Now, I had a trip planned and would be leaving the USA by January 29th. Needless to say I buckled down and picked apart my book and created something new. Screenplays are a whole other monster that I LOVE! I can’t express how much I enjoyed creating this project. You get to dissect and then compile to create something entirely new.

I saw the ad and just new this was something I had to do. The lesson of discipline was incredible for me.

What is something you feel the need to do?